Welcome to Neoceuticals. Formed in 2007 to develop paediatric, specialist nutritional and niche products for the healthcare market, its directors and co-founders, Doctors Andrew Brodrick and Rod Adams, are highly experienced Pharmaceutical Executives and have an outstanding reputation for innovation and providing solutions for healthcare professionals. Read more

  • Dextrogel
    Dextrogel is an easy-to-use oral gel containing 40% Dextrose www.dextro-gel.co.ukgo-btn
  • NeoKay Drops
    Designed to provide recommended daily amount of Vitamin K for breast fed infants www.neokay.co.ukgo-btn
  • NeoKay Capsules
    A nutritional supplement that has been specially developed to provide Vitamin K More Informationgo-btn

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    NeoDee drops discontinued- 23/10/2012

    NeoDee drops have been discontinued however the company is investigating the possibility of including Vitamin D in its existing Neokay Drops.

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    NeoCeuticals aims for China Breakthrough - 24/11/2011

    The exportation to overseas markets of a Vitamin K capsule used to prevent bleeding in newborns and a supplement aimed at cancer patients will be the key growth areas for pharmaceuticals company NeoCeuticals, said one of its directors read full article

Our People

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    Dr Andrew Brodrick

    Prior to establishing his own company Andrew was an NHS Pharmacist in Birmingham and North Yorkshire
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    Dr Rod Adams

    Rod has worked for a number of pharmaceutical companies since graduating
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